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The 2013 Moore tornado was the deadliest tornado recorded in the U.S. since the Joplin, Missouri tornado that killed 158 people in May 2011. Patients were taken to Integris Southwest Medical Center and The Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. Over 140 patients, including at least 70 children, were treated at hospitals On May 20, 2013, one of the deadliest tornadoes in Oklahoma's history raked a 14-mile path of destruction through the southern areas of Oklahoma City and decimated the city of Moore, causing $2 billion worth of damage. It flattened one elementary school, where no fatalities occurred, then hit another school, where a wall collapsed and killed seven children. The Moore, Oklahoma Horrific EF-5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma: May 20, 2013 - Duration: 14:29. Weather Beat 2,290,616 views. 14:29. 5/20/2013 Moore, OK EF5 Tornado and deadly aftermath B-Roll - Duration: 29:42.

Chased the devastating Moore EF5 tornado. Video is primarily shot around I35 and SW19th and just off S Broadway to the east. Brief gap in filming whilst we p.. NOT FOR BROADCAST. Raw footage of Fast Unit 53's (Chance Coldiron & Justin Cox) coverage of the Moore tornado that was used by KOCO5 during the event on May 20th, 2013. We watched as the tornado. Storm chasers Gabe Garfield, Amy Edmonds, Matt Van Every and Nicole Robertson experienced the devastating Moore, Oklahoma EF-5 tornado, documenting initially from north Norman on 48th St. (Santa. SevereStudios teams shoot video of the deadly Moore, OK tornado on Monday, May 20, 2013. NOT FOR BROADCAST without permission

On May 20, 2013, storm chasers David Demko and Heidi Farrar documented the disastrous Moore, OK tornado. With tremendous amounts of debris falling around them, they at one point were only one half. Violent Moore Oklahoma Tornado as it developed over New Castle and took direct aim at Moore

Moore ist eine Stadt in Oklahoma in den USA. Mai 2010 und 20. Mai 2013 von Tornados getroffen. Der Tornado vom 3. Mai 1999 erreichte die Stufe F5 auf der Fujita-Skala. Er gilt mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 512 km/h als der stärkste Wirbelsturm, der bisher weltweit beobachtet wurde. Er hinterließ eine verwüstete Schneise von 1,5 mal 11 Kilometern und tötete 36 Menschen in der Region von. Dieses Bild ist nach den Kriterien für wertvolle Bilder beurteilt worden und gilt als das hochwertigste auf Commons im Bereich: 2013 Moore tornado. Die Nominierung des Bildes ist nachzulesen unter Commons:Kandidaturen hochwertiger Bilder/May 20, 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado.JPG The tornado became violent within minutes, then tracked east-northeastward across the city of Moore and parts of south Oklahoma City for about 40 minutes before finally dissipating near Lake Stanley Draper. The tornado caused catastrophic damage in these areas, and was given a maximum rating of EF-5. The tornado claimed 24 lives, injured scores of people, and caused billions of dollars in damage Tornado devastates Moore, Oklahoma. A massive, howling tornado pulverized a vast swath of the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, chewing up homes and businesses and severely damaging a hospital and two. Tornado, Moore, Oklahoma, 2013 . On May 20, 2013, an EF-5 tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas causing 24 fatalities, including seven schoolchildren who were taking shelter in their designated tornado safety area at the Plaza Towers Elementary School

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  1. MOORE, OK - MAY 24: Larry Cory displays an American flag outside the funeral for nine-year-old tornado victim Nicholas McCabe on May 24, 2013 in Moore, Oklahoma. A two-mile wide EF5 tornado touched down in Moore May 20 killing at least 24 people and leaving behind extensive damage to homes and businesses. U.S. President Barack Obama promised federal aid to supplement state and local recovery.
  2. Oklahoma National Guard Soldiers and Airmen respond to a devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., May 20, 2013
  3. The 2013 Moore tornado as it approached the city of Moore, Oklahoma, on May 20, 2013. This EF5 tornado, with peak winds estimated at 210 mph (340 km/h) and a maximum width of 1.3 miles (2.1 km), killed 25 people and injured 377 others. Damages from the storm were estimated at $2 billion.Photograph: Ks0st

The 2013 Moore Tornado was a highly powerful and very large EF5 tornado the ravaged the North American city of Moore, Oklahoma, along with its adjacent areas on the afternoon of May 20, 2013.. The peak wind speed was estimated at 340 km/h (210 mph). There were 24 deaths along with two indirect fatalities and over 212 people injured Moore is a city in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, United States, and is part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.The population was 55,081 at the 2010 census, making Moore the seventh- largest city in the state of Oklahoma.. Located between Oklahoma City and Norman, the city has been the site of several devastating tornadoes, with those occurring in 1999 and 2013 receiving international attention 4.5 WNW - 7 SE Moore Records taken from the Storm Prediction Center archive data, Storm Data, and data from the National Weather Service office in Norman. Data modified as described in NOAA Tech Memo NWS SR-209 (Speheger, D., 2001: Corrections to the Historic Tornado Database) The 2013 Moore tornado was a very violent EF5 tornado that went through Moore, Oklahoma on the afternoon of May 20, 2013. It killed at least 23 people and hurt 377 others, and caused very heavy damage. It had winds of up to 210 miles per hour (340 km/h). This tornado reminded people of the similar tornado that struck Moore fourteen years before, in 1999..

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Update 10:00 PM MDT, Tuesday, May 21, 2013-A lot has changed concerning the details of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado since I updated this blog at 5:30 AM MDT this morning.First, I talked with my dad who lives in Tucson, Arizona this morning, and he informed me that my uncle was there visiting with him and was fine Mai 2013, 14:19 Uhr Tornado von Moore, Oklahoma: Machtlos im Angesicht der Naturgewalt. Detailansicht öffnen. 40 Minuten und 30 Kilometer der Zerstörung: der Tornado von Moore. (Foto: REUTERS. A massive tornado moves past homes in Moore, Oklahoma, on Monday, May 20, 2013. A tornado as much as a mile (1.6 kilometers) wide with winds up to 200 mph (320 kph) roared through the Oklahoma.

Damage Survey of the 2013 Moore EF5 Tornado. Posted on June 21, 2013 by ExtremePlanet. 57. The Moore tornado left extreme damage indicators throughout its path consistent with EF5 intensity. On May 20, 2013, a large funnel touched down in Grady County, Oklahoma. Similar in many ways to the devastating Bridge Creek tornado of 1999, the storm travelled at a fairly slow pace and was tracked by. The Moore tornado of 2013 was the costliest among the Oklahoma tornados that took place since 1950. The cost of the destruction was an estimated $2 billion.; Two elementary schools, Briarwood Elementary School and Plaza Towers Elementary School, were among the buildings that got damaged by the Tornado A year ago Tuesday Max Broderick ran down fences, drove through fields and over curbs to rescue his family from the tornado that tattered Moore, Oklahoma Fast Facts. A rating of EF-5 has been given to the tornado that affected the Newcastle, south OKC, and Moore areas in McClain and Cleveland Counties.; The tornado had.a path length of approximately 14 miles and was on the ground for approximately 40 minutes from 2:56 PM - 3.35 PM CDT Die Kleinstadt Moore im US-Bundesstaat Oklahoma gleicht einem Trümmerfeld. Mit Windgeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 320 Kilometern in der Stunde fegte der Tornado am Montagnachmittag über den Vorort.

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Three years after the 2013 Moore, OK tornado Dave Malkoff [ http://davemalkoff.com ] goes back to check on what's happened since the twister Oklahoma City suburb of Moore flattened by mile-wide tornado, with TV footage showing schools and homes reduced to rubble• Follow the latest developments in our live blo Photo of the May 20, 2013 Newcastle-South OKC-Moore EF-5 Tornado was provided courtesy of Gabe Garfield. Overview . A tornado outbreak occurred during the afternoon and evening hours of the May 20, 2013. Several tornadoes occurred from central Oklahoma down through south central Oklahoma near the Red River. The strongest tornado touched down near Newcastle and traveled through Moore and south. FEMA P-1020, Tornado: Moore, Oklahoma, May 20, 2013 (2014) This formal observation report presents the observations, conclusions, and recommendations in response to field investigations conducted after the EF-5 tornado that impacted Moore, Oklahoma, on May 20, 2013. The post-storm investigation team focused its efforts on safe rooms and storm shelters in the path of the tornado in order to. Im Mai 1999 zog in Oklahoma über dieselbe Region der Bridge Creek-Moore-Tornado hinweg, ebenfalls ein F5-Tornado, der auf Basis des Jahres 2011 einen Gesamtschaden von 1.4 Milliarden US-Dollar verursachte. Dies ist bis heute der viertteuerste Tornado seit dem Jahr 1950. Ersten Schätzungen zufolge soll sich der Moore-Tornado vom 20.05.2013 mindestens in die Top-5 der teuersten USA-Tornados.

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The most catastrophic tornado in recent Oklahoma history touched down in the midst of a large scale severe weather outbreak on May 20th, 2013. The tornado devastated southern sections of Moore, a large suburb to the southwest of Oklahoma City. Moore was the focus of international media following a similar F5 tornado that swept throug Lt Gov Lamb said Moore had been prepared for a tornado, but not of this strength: There was a warning in place, but when it veers and is as extensive as this one is - two miles wide - on the.

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Der Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak vom 3. bis 6. Mai 1999 war eine der schlimmsten Naturkatastrophen in den USA.. Am 3. Mai fegten innerhalb von elf Stunden mehr als 70 Tornados über Texas, Oklahoma und Kansas hinweg. Die Kleinstadt Bridge Creek, ca. 40 km südwestlich von Oklahoma City gelegen, wurde am schlimmsten getroffen. In nur 15 Minuten zerstörte ein Tornado der Stärke F5 (vgl On May 20, 2013, a massive EF 5 tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma. More than 20 lives were lost, including seven children who died while trying to take shelter at Plaza Towers Elementary.The tornado formed at 2:56 p.m. and was on the ground for 39 minutes. The tornado's path was 17 miles long, 1.3 miles wide at the widest point. The tornado caused billions of dollars in damage.Watch the video above. Der El-Reno-Tornado von 2013, aufgetreten am späten Nachmittag des 31.Mai 2013 in dem Gebiet um die Städte El Reno und Oklahoma City im U.S.-Bundesstaat Oklahoma, war der bisher größte aufgezeichnete Tornado mit einem Durchmesser von rund 4,2 km.Nach der erweiterten Fujita-Skala wurde er zunächst der Klasse EF5 zugeordnet, wobei ein mobiles Doppler-Radar eine maximale Windgeschwindigkeit. English: The EF5 2013 Moore tornado as it passed through south Oklahoma City. Español: El tornado de Moore de 2013 a su paso por el sur de Oklahoma City. Français : La tornade de Moore 2013 lors de son passage au sud d'Oklahoma City. Deutsch: Der Moore-Tornado 2013 passiert den Süden von Oklahoma City. Datum: 20. Mai 2013: Quelle: Eigenes Werk: Urheber: Ks0stm: Andere Versionen: Original. Moore, Oklahoma, about 8 miles south-southeast of downtown Oklahoma City, has been hit by five separate tornadoes, four of those rated F/EF4 or 5, from 1999 through 2015

Oklahoma Tornado 2013. MOORE, Oklahoma, May 20 (R) - 2 miles wide (3 km wide) ripped a tornado through the suburb of the city of Oklahoma Moore on Monday, killing at least 51 people, destroyed swathes of the house. Car accumulate over others and trapping two dozen students from the rubble. Twenty of 51 children have been confirmed dead, the Oklahoma medical examiner said, and at least 45. MOORE, Okla. - Six years ago, a devastating EF-5 tornado hit Moore, killing more than 20 people, including children. The tornado was just one part of a three-day severe weather event. On May 20. Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Tornado de Moore de 2013. Artículos en Wikinoticias: Un megatornado destruye parte de Oklahoma en Estados Unidos; Radar loop of the 2013 Moore tornado en YouTube; Moore, Oklahoma Tornadoes (1890-Presente) en NOA

Radar loop of May 20, 2013 Moore, Okla. tornadic supercell from 3:25 p.m. to 4:34 p.m. CDT. The location of Moore, Okla. is denoted by red box near the center of the loop Español: El tornado de Moore de 2013 a su paso por el sur de Oklahoma City. Français : La tornade de Moore 2013 lors de son passage au sud d' Oklahoma City . Deutsch: Der Moore-Tornado 2013 passiert den Süden von Oklahoma City Dienstag, 21.05.2013 Oklahoma: Tödlicher Tornado Sturm verwüstet ganzen Stadtteil. Am Pfingstmontag hat ein besonders heftiger Tornado mit Windgeschwindigkeiten von mehr als 300 Kilometer pro Stunde Moore, einen Vorort von Oklahoma City, verwüstet. Er richtete dort verheerende Zerstörungen an und forderte mindestens 24 Menschenleben und über 200 Verletzte. Eine Grundschule brach unter der.

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  1. Hamburg - 80 Pferde betreute Lando Hite auf seiner Farm in Moore im US-Bundesstaat Oklahoma. Nun hat der Tornado seine Heimat zerstört. Die Pferde flogen durch die Luft, sagte Hite dem TV.
  2. May 20, 2013 Newcastle-Moore Tornado NWS Forecast Office Norman . Medium Range Graphicasts Thu 5/16 Fri 5/17 Sat 5/18 . Medium Range Forecasts Thu 5/16 . Medium Range Forecasts Fri 5/17 . Hazardous Weather Outlooks Wed 5/15 at 5:00am .DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...THURSDAY THROUGH TUESDAY... THUNDERSTORM OUTLOOK... THUNDERSTORMS THAT DEVELOP WEDNESDAY EVENING MAY CONTINUE ACROSS SOUTH-CENTRAL AND.
  3. Here are some facts about the massive tornado that struck Oklahoma on 20th May, 2013. The tornado swept through the suburbs of Oklahoma City, killing more than 20 people, injuring more than 200, and destroying houses, schools and a hospital. Although this area of the United States is known as Tornado Alley, and regularly experiences [
  4. Tornados geführt. Einer der Tornados vom 20. Mai verwüstete einen Landstrich im Bereich Newcastle - Moore (siehe unten). Abbildung 3 zeigt ein Radarbild mit Bodenluftdruck und Wind vom 20. Mai 2013, 20 UTC (= 15 Uhr Ortszeit in Oklahoma), als der verheerende Tornado südlich von Oklahoma City wütete.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.: You are free: to share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to remix - to adapt the work; Under the following conditions: attribution - You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that. Am 20. Mai 2013 verwüstete ein Tornado der höchsten Kategorie EF-5 die Stadt Moore, einen Vorort von Oklahoma City mit 55.000 Einwohnern. Der Sturm hinterließ eine rund zwei Kilometer breite und 27 km lange Schneise der Verwüstung in der etwa 2400 Häuser zerstört oder beschädigt wurden, darunter zwei Grundschulen und das Krankenhaus der Stadt Road at the 2013 Moore tornado in Oklahoma. Captions. Summary . Description English: The EF5 2013 2013 Moore tornado. You can see its nomination here. File history. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. Date/Time Thumbnail Dimensions User Comment; current: 23:18, 20 May 2013: 3,264 × 2,448 (1.66 MB) Ks0stm (talk | contribs) {{Information |Description ={{en|1.

The Discovery Channel scheduled a special tribute episode of Storm Chasers titled Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster on June 5, both honoring the three chasers and covering the events of the EF5-rated tornado that struck Moore and portions of southern Oklahoma City eleven days earlier on May 20. The November 2013 issue of National Geographic, for its featured cover story, paid tribute to Tim. Seconds after the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning at 2:40 p.m., the city of Moore sounded its first siren, giving residents about half an hour to prepare. +21 min. A tornado emergency is issued for the city of Moore and South Oklahoma City The tornado that ransacked Moore, Oklahoma on May 27, 2013 was the strongest in the United States in nearly two years. It flattened the city and flung debris into trees

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  1. utos que ha asolado una extensión de 32 kilómetros entre las poblaciones de Newcastle y Moore.. Las autoridades forenses han reducido de 51 a 24 la cifra oficial de muertos por el tornado de Oklahoma, aunque en un principio se hablaba de 91 víctimas mortales
  2. utes from 2:56 pm to 3:35 pm CDT over a 14-mile stretch with a maximum diameter of 1.1 miles
  3. MOORE, Okla. - Twenty-five people were killed in the tornado that tore through Moore May 20, 2013. Ten of those victims were children, seven of them were in the Plaza Towers Elementary School
  4. MOORE, Okla. - Seven years ago, a devastating EF-5 tornado hit Moore, killing more than 20 people, including children. The tornado was just one part of a three-day severe weather event. On May.

There were numerous tornadoes in Oklahoma in 2013. However, the most significant tornado was the EF5 that hit Moore on May 20. A low pressure system was slowly making its way eastward across the. Transcript for Video Inside Oklahoma School During Tornado We'll move on to the latest from the disaster zone in oklahoma. We have stunning new video of the deadly twister as it touched down at an. The family's death was one of many heartbreaking stories that emerged in the hours after a deadly tornado ripped through the town of Moore, Oklahoma. The death toll now stands 24

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Moore Tornado 2013: 12 Pictures That Define The Oklahoma Destruction. Elliot Wagland. A devastating and ferocious tornado ripped through the heart of Oklahoma state razing many towns to the ground. Media in category 2013 Moore tornado The following 188 files are in this category, out of 188 total. U.S. Army Gen. Frank J. Grass, seated second from right, the chief of the National Guard Bureau, attends a brief in Oklahoma City May 28, 2013, on the recovery effort in Moore, Okla., in the wake of a May 20 130528-Z-VF620-4524.jpg 3,708 × 3,144; 5.97 MB. U.S. Army Lt. Col. Dave Jordan. Moore Tornado 2013: Photos Show Oklahoma Twister Devastation (PICTURES, LIVE UPDATES) A tornado hit the city of Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, leaving behind significant destruction. The twister is one in a series of tornadoes that swept across the central United States Sunday and Monday, killing two in Shawnee, with more fatalities expected

Er zerstörte auf einer etwa drei Kilometern breiten Schneise den Vorort von Oklahoma City. Schon 1999 hatte ein Tornado Moore schwer getroffen. Autos wurden durch die Luft geschleudert, eine. Deadly Tornado (Image credit: National Weather Service, @NWSNorman / Screengrab Channel 4) Large deadly tornado moving into Moore near 134th and Western in Moore, Okla., on May 20, 2013 Moore, Oklahoma is within the boundaries of Tornado Alley, which includes northern Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. The city was the site of another devastating tornado that. NOAA Visible and Infared Satellite from May 20, 2013 at 1905z/205 pm CDT Moore, Oklahoma EF-5 Tornado. I decided we needed to get north. We headed up I-35 to the 19th street exit. We pulled in front of the AT&T store on the east side of I-35 and watched the funnel form into a monster tornado Moore, Oklahoma Tornado (2013) March 28, 2015 Einstein Rosen Bridge curling up spacetime and creating the huge vacuum disturbance known as a tornado, or waterspout or hurricane. Doppler Radar Animation of 2013 Moore, OK tornado. The electromagnetic radiation is being scattered/refracted by the vacuum in the atmosphere in addition to the precipitation. Release of Entropy (Dark Energy) contained.

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  1. May 22, 2013— -- There are reinforced tornado shelters in more than 100 schools across Oklahoma, excluding the two that were devastated by a Tornado earlier this week in Moore, Okla., an.
  2. This aerial photo shows the remains of homes hit by a massive tornado in Moore, Okla., Monday May 20, 2013. A tornado roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, flattening entire.
  3. On May 20, 2013, parts of Moore and neighboring Newcastle and southern Oklahoma City, were affected by a violent tornado. Classified as EF5 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, it had estimated wind speeds of 200-210 mph (320-340 km/h), a maximum width of 1.3 miles (2 km), and a path length of 17 miles (30 km)
  4. Tornado im Themenspecial. Die Welt bietet Ihnen aktuelle News und Bilder zu Tornados, wie dem Wirbelsturm 2013 in Moore, einem Vorort von Oklahoma. Tornado
  5. Tornado Moore 2013 dumadi ing dina Senèn soré, 20 Mèi 2013, kanthi intènsitas EF4 lan kacepetan antarané 166 lan 200 mph nalika nerjang Moore, Oklahoma, Amérikah Sarékat, lan wewengkon saubengé.Musibah iki niwasaké sakora-orané 24 wong, kalebu 9 bocah, lan natoni punjul 242 wong. Tornado iki wujud péranganing sistem cuaca gedhé sing ngasilaké sapérangan tornado rong dina sadurungé

The Moore Tornadoes: Lessons Learned by David Fritze May 23, 2013 October 28, 2019. Share this: Seven students died when a tornado struck Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore. Credit: Clifton Adcock / Oklahoma Watch. Oklahoma Watch invited Nancy Mathis, a Tahlequah native and author of a book on the deadly 1999 Moore tornado, to offer thoughts about the twister of May 20. Mathis' 2007. Oklahoma Tornado Impact Report | June 2013 1. Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Impact ReportBusiness Impact Analysis for Moore, OklahomaOn May 20, 2013, a mile-wide tornado ripped throughparts of the Oklahoma City region, claiming 24 lives anddamaging or destroying hundreds of schools, businesses,hospitals, and homes Lewis, who has been the Moore mayor for nearly 30 years, has experienced many of those natural disasters, including the tornadoes in 1999 and 2003. However, the 2013 tornado stands out from all.

Oklahoma Tornado on May 20, 2013 As Seen from Space The massive tornado that tore through parts of Oklahoma on My 20, 2013 left a 32 km (20-mile) swath of destruction and death, with winds. It was May 20, 2013 when an EF5 Tornado ripped through the town of Moore, Oklahoma. 24 people died in the twister, including seven children that were at Plaza Towers Elementary school Picking up the Pieces After the Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. Alan Taylor ; May 24, 2013; 39 Photos; In Focus; Days after an EF5 tornado with peak winds estimated at 210 mph (340 kph), struck Moore. The tornado that struck Moore on the afternoon of Monday, May 20, was an F-4 tornado on the enhanced Fujita scale, according to the National Weather Service. F-4 tornadoes have sustained winds from 166 to 200 mph. This tornado was about twice as wide as the tornado that struck Moore on May 3, 1999. Moore is located 10 miles south of Oklahoma City Kyle Davis and Jenae Hornsby were among the seven children who died at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Monday's monster tornado

An EF-5 tornado ripped through Central Oklahoma 24 killed, more than 200 injured Became the 59th F-5/EF-5 tornado since 1950 (for all of the US) It was the last day in a three-day stretch of. Moore, Okla. tornado hit on May 20, 2013. OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma Medical Examiner has increased the toll from the May 20 tornado at Moore after the death of a 90-year-old woman critically. On May 20, 2013, a large deadly tornado ripped through the Oklahoma City area. Below is a timeline of the tornado event (all times Central). 2:40 p.m. CDT: A tornado warning was issued that. Moore in Oklahoma ist verwüstet. Ein Tornado fegte über die Stadt, riss Autos und Häuserdächer mit sich, ließ Schulen und Krankenhäuser zerbersten. Bilder aus Oklahoma

Use the swipe tool to compare aerial views of the Oklahoma City suburb before and after the tornado that struck on May 20, 2013 With Howard Bluestein, Greg Carbin, Gary England, Darryl James. On May 20th 2013, a ferocious F5 tornado over a mile wide tore through Moore, Oklahoma, inflicting 24 deaths and obliterating entire neighborhoods. It was the third time an exceptionally violent tornado had struck the city in 14 years. Yet predicting when and where these killer storms will hit still poses a huge challenge The EF5 tornado that swept through Moore on May 20, 2013 killed 24 people -- including seven children -- and injured nearly 400 others. About two dozen students and parents were hurt at Briarwood.

The Tornado Outbreak of May 20, 2013

Bereits im Mai 1999 zog in Oklahoma über dieselbe Region der Bridge Creek-Moore-Tornado hinweg, ebenfalls ein EF5-Tornado, der auf Basis des Jahres 2011 einen Gesamtschaden von 1.4 Milliarden US-Dollar verursachte. Dies ist bis heute der viertteuerste Tornado seit dem Jahr 1950. Ersten Schätzungen zufolge soll sich der Moore-Tornado vom 20.05.2013 mindestens in die Top-5 der teuersten USA. Tag Archives: 2013 oklahoma city tornado Post navigation Analysis of the 2013 Moore Tornado. Posted on May 21, 2013 by ExtremePlanet. 41. View of the Moore tornado moments before it impacted Briarwood Elementary School at EF5 intensity. (Video stills by David Demko and Heidi Farrar) The most catastrophic tornado in recent Oklahoma history touched down in the midst of a large scale severe. On 20 May 2013, a tornado affected the cities of Newcastle, Moore, and Oklahoma City, in Oklahoma. Theofficialpathlength ofthe tornadowas23km (14mi) anddamagewasupto1737m(1900yards)wide(Fig.1). It traveled from approximately 2508 at an average for-ward speed of 9.5ms21. The tornado killed 24 people, injured212others,anddamagedover4250structures.

Esta imagen ha sido evaluada según los criterios de imágenes valiosas y es considerada la imagen más preciada en Wikimedia Commons en el ámbito de aplicación: 2013 Moore tornado.Para mayor información, puede ver su nominación en está página (en inglés): Commons:Valued image candidates/May 20, 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado.JPG The Latest News and Updates in Moore 2013 tornadoes brought to you by the team at KFOR.com The 2013 Moore Oklahoma Tornado - a synopsis. Paul Homewood / May 22, 2013. By Paul Homewood. I have deliberately held off running this post for a day or two, partly because I felt it inappropriate to do so earlier, and also because I wanted to wait until the facts became clearer. NWS have now officially declared the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on Monday as an EF-5, the highest category. 1999 Bridge Creek-Moore tornado - Moore, Oklahoma - Newcastle, Oklahoma - U.S. Route 62 - Tornado emergency - Plaza Towers Elementary School - KFOR-TV - Supercell - Mike & Molly - KOCO-TV - Tornadoes of 2013 - Kevin Durant - List of North American tornadoes and tornado outbreaks - 2013 El Reno tornado - List of tornado-related deaths at schools - List of F5 and EF5 tornadoes - Enhanced.

13 violent tornadoes (F/EF4 or stronger), including May 19, 2013 in Shawnee and May 20, 2013 in Moore. May is the peak month, followed by April and June. About two-thirds of all metro tornadoes. May 22, 2013 - Explore weatherbug's board May 20, 2013 Moore, OK Tornado, followed by 489 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tornado, Oklahoma tornado, Moore

Oklahoma Tornado Destroys City for 2nd Time Forty-one died in 1999 when a tornado touched down for 18 miles in the city of Moore. Now Playing: Okla. Governor on Tornado: 'We're Resilient, Strong The Moore Oklahoma tornado of 2013 was an EF5 which took the lives of 24 people and became the 3rd costliest US tornado at $2 billion. Much like the Joplin tornado, this formed from a brand new storm that had just popped up, doing so right on the city's edge. It was also roughly a mile wide, with a 6 block or so wide main damage path width. Like many tornadoes it started out clearly visible.

Toby Keith Reacts to ‘Devastating’ Tornado in Hometown ofViolent Moore, OK Tornado from May 20, 2013 Rated EF-5Oklahoma tornado was stronger than Hiroshima bomb: HowFile:An aerial view shows tornado damage in Moore, OklaMoore Public Schools reaches settlement with families of 7Temperatures, humidity heat up late-starting UViolent EF5 Moore Oklahoma Wedge Tornado Birth to FinishDrone Tornado Damage Footage May 20 2013 Moore, OK
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